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Clinical Trials In The USA

Clinical Trials Design. Adaptive Clinical Trials. Pharmacometrics and AI. AI to Identify Biomarkers. Drug Concentration Assays. Sequencing & Microbiology Lab On Record. First In Man/Woman. Physician Medical Monitors.

Clinical Trials Design

Clinical trials design based on quantitative translation methods, rate of response biomarkers/endpoints design, monitoring response parameters based on quantitative translation methods.

Adaptive Clinical Trials

Adaptive clinical trials designs driven by quantitative forecasting approach based on rate of response

Pharmacometrics and AI

Pharmacometrics combined with machine learning for phase I and II clinical data to identify optimal exposures, drivers of efficacy, and optimal doses for drugs as monotherapy and in combination

AI to Identify Biomarkers

Machine learning for phase I and II clinical data to identify biomarkers and subgroups of patients likely to respond to therapy in phase III studies, identify early biomarkers of response using preclinical and clinical data, to reduce sample size, and increase confidence intervals, and innovative stopping and proceeding rules in clinical trials.

Drug Concentration Assays

Function as lab on record, with appropriate SOPs, for drug concentration assays during clinical trials

Sequencing & Microbiology Lab On Record

Function as lab on record for phase I-III clinical trials for microbiology assays, whole genome and next generation sequencing, and the development and implementation of biomarkers.


Design, implementation, and management of first in human studies at Praedicare Clinics.

Physician Medical Monitor Teams

Praedicare physician medical monitor teams with expertise in clinical trials and subject/disease content for clinical trials and research monitoring.

Clinical Trial Management

Identification of clinical trial sites. Recruitment of researchers from academia and private medical practices for clinical trial execution and management.

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