Kevin Walter Smith Appointed Vice President for Business Development and Partnerships & Chief Business Development Officer at Praedicare Inc

DALLAS, TEXAS–Dr. Tawanda Gumbo, President & CEO of Praedicare Inc. has announced that Kevin Walter Smith has been appointed as the new Vice President for Business Development and Partnerships & Chief Business Development Officer [CBDO], at Praedicare Inc.. Kevin Smith has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and in Biology from South Carolina State University, as well as master’s degrees in biotechnology, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology from Georgetown University. He has 24 years experience in the Biotech/Pharma, and Biodefense industries, with extensive Program Management leadership roles specializing in the areas of Science & Technology Development within the Department of Homeland Security [DHS] and Department of Defense [DoD]. He starts work at Praedicare on September 1st, 2021.
Kevin started as a Research Assistant in Molecular Biology at Michigan State University, followed by a similar role in Molecular Carcinogenesis at Georgetown University, and then as a Research Associate at Aptagen Inc in Virginia, where he specialized in gene development and designed various gene therapies. In September of 2001, he then went on to become a Senior Biomedical Scientist working in the Department of Homeland Security’s [DHS] BioWatch Program, where he worked on medical countermeasures and advanced Bio-terrorism detection Technologies cultivated for the purpose of Homeland security. Then in 2006, he went on to work for the Department of Defense’s [DoD] Chemical & Biological Defense Program [CBDP]. Over the next decade, Kevin worked as a Science & Technology Transition Officer for the United States Army Medical Research & Materiel Command (USAMRMC), and then served as a Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear [CBRN] Medical Lead & Program Manager within the agencies of the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, & Nuclear Defense [JPEO-CBRND] and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency [DTRA] respectively where he managed several specialized teams of over 75 personnel responsible for the timely discovery, development, and delivery of advanced medical countermeasures to support the US Warfighters and Homeland Defense missions.
Mr. Smith then went on to hold corporate leadership roles within several Fortune 100 private Engineering Research & Development Firms where he specialized in Federal Program Management, Capture, and Business Development. In these roles, Mr. Smith has successfully managed over 200 technical research and administrative personnel within 7 different federal domains in support of more than $500M in Federal contracts. In his last corporate role at Engility Corporation (formerly known as TASC),where he served as the Corporate Line Manager for the Medical Science & Technology Division, he built a team comprised of 33 partner companies spanning Medical Logistics, Clinical Research Organizations, Biologics development, Information Technology management, as well as Pharma & Biotech firms to create a medical enterprise team to respond to the $1.5B ID/IQ Medical Product Research & Development for the US Army, where Engility was given 1 of 3 Prime Awards. He continued to lead corporate strategic development in branding the company to acquire more awards in the Biomedical and Biosurveillance domains within various federal agencies (i.e. MRMC, OSD, DHA, DHHS, DHS,DoD). Recently, he has been CEO & Chief Principal Consultant for Omega Consulting Solutions, LLC, with the role of developing a pipeline of contract support activities concerning federal defense enterprise agencies for small and disadvantaged businesses and organizations.
About Praedicare
Praedicare Inc. is an end-to-end drug development company, from drug discovery, through preclinical work, to phase IV clinical trials. Praedicare uses preclinical wet lab models mathematically mapped to patients for quantitative prediction of clinical trial outcomes for clinical trial design, significantly reducing clients’ risk, time, and costs of developing safe and effective new drugs. For more information please visit:


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