Neglected Diseases, Orphan Diseases, and Diseases of Global Health Significance

The specialists at Praedicare came out of a global health and neglected health background in academia where they were full professors, and as drug developers in biotech companies that developed anti-infectives for tuberculosis, parasitic diseases, non-tuberculous mycobacteria, leprosy, HIV, hepatitis C, and the global problem of developing dosing regimens in an increasingly obese world.  We have partnered with international public/private organizations, biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies, governmental funding bodies, and several universities to develop treatments.

Leishmania hollow fiber and patient work
Cerebral malaria with human blood brain barrier hollow fiber models
Other bacterial neglected diseases
Other regional viral neglected diseases [RNA-viruses]
Hepatitis C work
Development of long-acting/slow release antiretrovirals
Non-tuberculous mycobacteria

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